Saturday, December 1, 2012


I love watching my cat Puck bathe himself. For most of the show it's all the normal kitty bath things. The outstretched back leg thing, the propped up bathe the belly thing, the lick the paw and rub it on the ears thing which usually results in one or both of his ears turned inside out and stuck flat to his head. But when he finally makes it to his tail, which he always saves for last, that's when the laughter really begins. He acts as if his tail is not a part of him. Like it's something he has to catch and subdue before he can bathe it. He'll snatch it and give it a few licks and then it "gets away from him" so he flails it around and catches it again for a few more licks. It's like watching a little kid play with their imaginary friend and it cracks me up.