Sunday, February 15, 2009

Location, Location, Location

When we first decided to adopt Puck, we had to set him up in the studio away from my other two cats until he got a clean bill of health. Later on when he was granted access to the whole house, my first order of business was to get rid of the litter box that sat right next to my workbench. (It's a little hard to be creative when someone is 5 feet away from you, pinching a loaf.) He also had a little feeding spot in the studio, but I noticed Harley and Jamaica eating out there quite a bit so I decided to leave it out there. Now Harley will go sit by the bowl and chirp at me to come fill it for him. It's the exact same food that's in the kitchen. The bowl in the kitchen is always full, but each day, between Harley, Puck and Jamaica, they will eat all the kibble I put in the bowl in the studio. I guess there's just something about "Studio Kibble". Go figure.


Jinx Garza said...

Love that mat!

Dawn said...

Isn't it cute? It's old and scratched from 10 years of cleaning it, but I just can't bear to throw it away. I love the way his one eye looks up through the water bowl....but it probably gives the cats a creepy "I'm being watched" kind of feeling...LOL!