Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What Cats Dream About

With Insomnia, and a bedtime somewhere around 4am, I usually have plenty of time to relax at my computer for a little Internet surfing every night. Harley usually keeps me company by plopping down on the desk right in front of me. He likes watching the cursor for a while but eventually gets bored and falls asleep, and not long after, begins to dream.

He has two different kinds of dreams that I like to refer to as the "Feast" or the "Flight".

In the "Feast" dream he is eating. I'm sure it's something very nummy by the way he smacks his little lips.

In the "Flight" dream he is running. Not with his legs, but with his toes. ALL of his toes...on all four feet...twinkling as fast as they can go. I don't know if he's running after something, or running from something, but he's going as fast as his little toes will carry him.

He's a dreamer of dreams

Of sweet kitty things

Of feasts and flight

As he dreams through the night

-Harley's Mom

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Michelle said...

okay that reminds me of that video of the cat that wakes up and attacks his tail then goes back to sleep like it never happened!!!! I can't wait to get together again!!!
Take Care xoxoxox