Friday, June 15, 2007

The Mystery Hair

As I prepared to brush my teeth one morning, I raised the toothbrush up to my mouth and noticed a hair in my toothbrush! Not just on the surface, but wedged right down to the bottom of the bristles. I have to admit that things like that don't really gross me out all that much, and besides, Brian and I are the only ones that use that bathroom. So I wash the toothpaste off and pull the offending hair out and reload the brush with toothpaste.

As I'm standing there brushing my teeth, now I notice little hair trimmings around the sink and I think, ah ha! It was Brian! He likes to trim the hair near his ears when it gets too long and always does it on MY side of the bathroom counter where he can look closely in the mirror on the medicine cabinet. (And why it is that little hair trimmings on the counter are invisible to men?) So feeling very proud of myself for figuring out the case of the mystery hair, I couldn't wait for Brian to get home from work to tease him about.

When he came home, I casually mentioned with a smirk, "Oh, and by the way, you have a moustache brush in the medicine cabinet, so stop using my toothbrush for your grooming." I totally expected him to burst into laughter at the idea of being busted, but instead he gave me one of his "what the hell are you talking about" looks. When I told him the story about the hair, of course he denied ever touching my toothbrush. (So now this is the part where I have to tell you that my husband comes equipped with a built-in lie detector. When he's about to fib or try and pull my leg about something he raises his eyebrows real high in an attempt to muster up the most convincing look possible. This make several rows of cute little wrinkles raise up across his forehead and it's just about as foolproof as a buzzer sounding and a red light flashing.) But this time there was no raised eyebrows and no wrinkles. Hmmmm. But then how did that hair get so firmly wedged into the bristles of my toothbrush? Over the next few weeks I had fun teasing him about the hair incident every chance I got. So much so that I think he started to become a tad bit aggravated, so I decided to let it go.

Now flash forward to a few weeks later. I had some letters that needed to be mailed so I went to the closet for my shoes. My little black kitty, Jamaica, followed me into the bathroom and hopped up on the counter where she was patiently waiting for me to turn the faucet on so she could get a drink. Jamaica is the sweetest little cat and she's so well behaved. She never, ever gets into trouble for anything, so imagine my surprise when I turn around and see her grooming her face on MY TOOTHBRUSH!!!! Yep, there she was stroking the whole length of the side of her face on my toothbrush that stood there defenseless in the toothbrush stand.

Of course, I had to confess to the false accusations I had made earlier, and now I think I will never hear the end of it. He was definitely framed! Now I keep a "decoy toothbrush" at the front of the toothbrush stand just in case, and the one that I brush my teeth with is way in the back.

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Jan Thompson said...

What a great story. I had to tell my husband about that one, been there done that, and no cat to blame it on either.

thanks for the chuckle of the day.