Saturday, November 8, 2008

Daddycat the Tent Maker

I just thought this was too cute not to share.When Brian and I got together 18 years ago, he had never known the joys of being owned by a cat. I must say that he warmed up to the idea pretty fast. It all started with our Winston, which Brian fell hopelessly in love with. I don't have any children of my own, so when I'm talking to the cats about Brian, I refer to him as Daddycat. Well, not long after we adopted Winston, Daddycat started constructing kitty tents and kitty caves all over the house for Winston to play in. He would arrange all the pillows on our bed into a kitty shelter, or drape towels across a chair for a fun tent. Of course, when Jamaica came along, and more recently Harley, he had to introduce them to the finer points of indoor cave dwelling too. Once he even constructed an elaborate kitty complex by draping a sheet over our dining room table, with seperate little rooms inside consisting of towels over the chairs. He would actually crawl inside and play with them. I have a picture of Daddycat under a kitty tent with just his feet sticking out. He got under there to play and ended up falling asleep!

So you can just imagine how this warmed my heart when I went out to the garage this morning to check on Straycat and found this.....

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