Thursday, November 13, 2008

In Your Face!

You know I've always said that photographing my beads for auction is my least favorite part of the business. After today's photograph session with Puck, I have to say I now have the utmost respect for Pet Photographers. They must be among the most patient people on earth.

I've also come to realize the following about photographing glass beads......

They don't wiggle and squirm so I end up with 100 blurry "action" shots.
They don't sit with their back to me.
They don't hide under the chair.
They don't lay their ears back if I make a strange sound.
They don't swat at the strap on the camera.
They don't pass gas that smells like rotten fish when I try to reposition them.
They don't whip their head around without warning to watch a bird fly by the window.
They don't wait until I'm focused and then decided to lick their privates.
They don't follow me when I back up and then sit on my feet.
They don't get IN MY FACE!!!


Jenn said...

I'm reading your posts from last year and you just make me cry with laughing. I have dogs. I had two that would poseand the other two would NEVER look straight at the camera. I JUST discovered the Kids & Pets feature of my camera. Beads definitely are more cooperative.

Dawn said...

Oh Jenn, if I just had a dime for every blurry photo I've had to delete. Now I'm wondering if that "Pets and Kids" feature has something to do with getting really good action shots. Something I haven't yet managed to figure out with my own camera.